Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I've always been a girl that is willing to do the stuff that women aren't supposed to be good at. I'm perfectly willing to change my own tires and I love to put together anything I can find. I love the challenge of trying to get something right. However I was a little concerned about this project. I had to put up one fence panel and then make the second fence panel into a gate. I also had to put in a new post. When we had bought our house the roof had to be redone and the people broke the post and panel when they came into the yard to fix the roof. For a year it's been hanging on but has been a mess. In July we ordered the materials to fix the fence. A few weeks ago I had a friend help me install the post. We had to dig a 3 foot hole, line it up and then fill it with concrete. A few days ago another friend helped me install one fence panel. I thought my husband might want to try and help with the gate but he's been working alot and hasn't had time to help me so today my friend Nichole came to help me put up the gate. I had orginally wanted both sides to swing but after we started we realized it would only work if we cut about 2 inches off one side of the fence panel. The only saw I have is a jig saw so I decided it would be too difficult to try and cut a straight line with the jig saw. So I decided to make one side a solid panel and make the other side into a swinging gate. I still had to cut the panel down the middle but I only had to cut through the cross beams in between the fence boards so it was a little easier to keep straight. I was so excited when it all came together. I'm not a master carpenter but I am pretty proud of this.....

I'll have to thank my Dad for the power tools he bought me for Christmas. He looked at me kind of strange when I asked for power tools. But they made this project much easier. See girls can use power tools!!!!