Monday, May 19, 2008

Cheap wine of the week

I love wine. I really really love wine. But I can't always afford to buy the really great expensive wines that I love. So instead I search for really great really cheap wines. My criteria is simple. It has to be under $10 and it has to have great flavor. Here are a few of my favorites. I'm hoping others will add their favorites as well. I plan to give a weekly review of my favorite cheap wines.

Anything Gallo Brand, but especially the Moscato and the Cafe Zinfandel. Gallo brand is the top of my list for flavor and price. They are also usually easy to find almost anywhere. I even found them at a local gas station near my parents house in the middle of nowhere. I found big bottles on sale at Giant Eagle the other day for $5.99 and the regular size bottles were $3.33. HELLO Happy drinking.

If you love sweet wines the Moscato is perfect. It is sweet without being cloying like muscata tend to be. It has lovely peach and apricot flavors and is a wonderful sipping wine. It's the wine I buy most often when I just want a wine to drink.

The Cafe Zinfandel is a light fruity red. It has a bright raspberry flavor with a touch of sweetness. I was really amazed by the flavors of this wine. I'm not sure I can describe how really great it is. We paired it with a chocolate pudding with strawberries and it brought out the sweetness of the strawberries perfectly. I can't wait until raspberries are in season. Fresh organic rasberries and this wine may very well send my tastebuds into orbit.

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