Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A child's recipe

I bought my son his first cookbook this weekend. It's called Cooking with Herb, the Vegetarian Dragon. It's a funny little book with some decent recipes. Kaydn wanted to make something from it last night and I just couldn't find anything that we had all the ingredients for since I had depleted most of the general ingredients before we left for the weekend. It had allot of recipes that would be good this summer when we have fresh tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. So instead Kaydn decided to make up his own recipe. He wanted to make potato soup, but we only had 1 potato and we had already had potato soup this weekend, then he wanted to make eggplant soup but we really didn't have anything to go with it. Then he decided on mashed potatoes but I had to tell him we only had one potato and it wouldn't make enough. At this point he burst into tears and cried that I wouldn't make any of his recipes. I normally don't give into fits, but this was more broken hearted than fit throwing so I said we'd see what we could do.

"How about adding some carrots to the mashed potatoes?" I gently suggested.

" Ok." he brightened up and quit crying. "I'll write down the recipe." He wrote "The Most Amazing Smash Potatoes"

1 potatoe

3 carits

"How about we add some cabbage?" I suggested.


He added 2 q cabbage to the list.

" I think we should add some radishes" He said. I wasn't so sure about the radishes but what the heck it wouldn't hurt it. So 5 radishes were added to the list of ingredients. We sliced the potato and added it to a pot of water and brought it to a boil. Then we sliced the carrots and added them to the pot. We let them cook together until they had started to soften and then added 1/4 of a small cabbage and the diced radishes. We let them cook for another 15 minutes until everything was tender. We drained the water off and put all of the vegetables into the food processor. We added 2 tablespoons of butter, 1/2 cup of cheddar cheese and about 1/4 cup of milk. We added 1 tablespoon of roasted garlic and salt and pepper to taste and then pulsed it in the food processor until it was creamy but still a little chunky.

Here's what it looked like.


It was delicious. Creamy from the potato, sweet with the carrots and cabbage. And it's my son's first recipe. I can't wait to see what his next one is.


Great Big Veg Challenge said...

Thats a lovely post - and well done to your son.
I think you have to encourage the latent chef in every child!

Belle said...

I try to encourage him. But some days he wants to add bananas to mashed potatoes and I have to gently stear him in a different direction.

Great Big Veg Challenge said...

Well why not!!
Maybe he wants to eat plantain - that tastes like a cross betwen bananas and potatoes!