Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Garden

First off let me tell you a bit about our garden. We bought our first home a little over a year ago. Our yard is about 30 ft by 70 ft and was all grass when we bought the house. Last year we started on the back 20 ft. This year we are slowly turning the back 20 into a forest garden and adding another 100 square feet of garden space. Here's a view of what we have done.

This is my lettuce garden. However for some reason the lettuces didn't come up. I have lots and lots of radishes but just one tiny lettuce in this bed.

This is our back garden that we started last year. This section will eventually be a forest garden. Right now it has my lettuces, some fruit trees, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, peas and bush beans. My husband spent a few days getting drunk so we could set beer traps for the slugs. It was such a difficult task for him. I really felt bad for him.

What do you do with an old bed frame? Well we are using it as a trellis for peas. There is also bok choy planted in front of the peas. On the side of this bed is kohlrabi and salsify which can't be seen in the picture.

These are the new beds that I am working on. I dug this whole section up by hand, well with a shovel. It would have been really hard to do by hand. These beds will hold all our summer vegetables.

This is one of our blueberry bushes. I am excited for fresh blueberries in a few years.

This is a goumi bush. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. It sounds good but I have never tried it. In the background is a trash can which has potatoes planted in it. There is also a wonderful view of our compost material. My husband is a compost nazi and goes around the neighborhood to collect the bags of compost material.

This is a Korean Bush Cherry. I have no idea what it will taste like. But I promise to let you know in a couple of years.

This is a honey sweet pear. It is supposed to be very yummy. I can't wait for it to start producing.

The lovely stick is our persimmon tree. Beside it is my cooking greens bed and some weeds.

This a pawpaw tree. We actually have two planted in our yard. Pawpaw's are native to Ohio but very few people have ever tasted them. Supposedly they taste like a banana custard.

This is a gooseberry bush. This makes a yummy jam.

This is my herb garden. This picture has salad burnet, lemon balm and marigold mint. These are all good to throw in salads. The salad burnet and lemon balm both over wintered here in Ohio. I was amazed.

This is sage, lemon thyme and parsley.

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